Supply Chain and Suppliers

From Creation to Delivery

GrandVision is committed to provide high–quality and affordable eye care to more and more people around the world. The creation and maintenance of a broad, innovative and customer oriented product assortment, a flexible, reliable and efficient supply chain, and high quality prescription glass finishing capabilities are key elements in achieving this objective. GrandVision works closely with selected and trusted partners who share the GrandVision passion and commitment. In many areas GrandVision has developed own products and supply chain capabilities tailored to serving the customers, better, faster or at a lower price.



As a global leader in optical retail, GrandVision focuses strongly on sustainability in all areas. Special attention and high standards are placed on where and how the products and services GrandVision provides are sourced themselves.  To this purpose GrandVision works closely with all suppliers and partners to reduce the total potential impact on the environment, adhere to the highest ethical standard, and find ever more sustainable ways of working.


The GrandVision sustainability strategy includes:


    • Promoting better and safer ways of working
    • Adopting new ways to reduce the environmental impact through products, services, processes and techniques that result in a minimum ecological footprint
    • Conducting the business always in a fair and ethical manner

    • Actively engaging with and supporting the communities in which GrandVision operates

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