Supply Chain and Suppliers

From Creation to Delivery

GrandVision prioritizes the enhancement of our end-to-end Product Value Chain, as well as the establishment of fair, transparent and efficient relationships with our suppliers. We select our customer-oriented product assortment with a focus on supplier and product quality, labor conditions and human rights.


By working with ethical suppliers, we align our strategy with our global social and environmental goals. We regularly inspect our suppliers to ensure responsible operations from their side. Since we work closely with a selection of suppliers who share the GrandVision passion and commitment, our relationship with them has remained strong.



GrandVision takes its ethical responsibility as a global leader in optical retail seriously. Because of this, GrandVision is positioned as an overall ESG leader in our industry.


From creation to delivery of our products and services, we maintain high standards in all aspects of sustainability. We work closely with suppliers and partners to minimize environmental impact and find new ways to extend the lifecycle of eyeglasses and sunglasses.


The GrandVision sustainability strategy includes:


  • Promoting better and safer ways of working
  • Auditing our suppliers to ensure their responsible performance
  • Using less plastic in manufacturing our lenses
  • Reducing our environmental impact in our transportation options
  • Donating new and second-hand products to charitable organizations
  • Conducting business in a fair and ethical manner
  • Actively engaging with and supporting the communities in which GrandVision operates

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