GrandVision Cares

Our “GrandVision Cares” program integrates Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability into our business model through three distinctive pillars—People, Product Value Chain and Presence. This program also links our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities to our strategic business accelerators.


  • Our vision: Secure undisputed global category leadership as the destination of choice for eyecare solutions, leveraging our best-in-class customer value proposition.
  • Our mission: Provide unique high-quality and affordable eyecare solutions to more customers worldwide and turn them into loyal fans.
  • Our strategy: Further expand our global presence and develop and deploy state-of-the-art global capabilities in eyecare and optical retail.
  • Our ambition: Improve the quality of life of even more people in the world through high-quality affordable eyecare solutions and sustainable business practices.
  • Our core activities:
    • Building a strong base of eyecare experts
    • Centralized sourcing, procurement and production of high-quality eyewear and eyecare products
    • Establishing a global omnichannel eyecare platform
    • Operating a global store network of leading optical retail brands


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