Giving back to our communities

GrandVision has an active CSR Ambassador community with representatives across our countries of presence, as well as members from our strategic functions such as Product Value Chain, Finance and P&C. This group aligns stores and offices around the world to deliver on ESG objectives, increase our philanthropy efforts and report on our progress.


Raising awareness

Uncorrected vision is a condition that affects about 2.2 billion people worldwide (source: WHO), yet many people remain unaware of the repercussions of poor vision or the fact that they can do something about it. And for nearly 1 billion people living in underdeveloped countries, eye care is out of reach or not possible to afford.


Raising awareness is a critical step when embarking on a journey to educate people that may be misinformed, misled or simply unaware of the eye health and eye care situation in the world right now.  Our global CSR Ambassador community works to address these issues effectively and influence positive change across geographies.


Some of the topics on our global agenda are:

  • Importance of good vision in traffic
  • Detection of eye-related conditions at earlier ages and progression stages
  • Education of children about the importance of eye care


You can read more about our efforts to raise awareness in Our Stories


Global philanthropy

Growing our philanthropic efforts for those who cannot afford eye care is one of our CSR Ambassador community's goals. By joining forces, we have inspired and organized multiple charitable events around the world in 2019:


  • Performed more than 100,000 free eye checks
  • Took mission trips to underserved communities near our homes and abroad
  • Donated more than 119,000 pairs of glasses
  • Raised funds for eye-health related charities and local food pantries
  • Organized charitable sports events


You can read more about our global philanthropy efforts in Our Stories