The advantages of our standardized store concept

We have a standardized store concept that we implemented in nearly 2,200 stores across 30 countries. It ensures GrandVision stores worldwide deliver the same excellent service and award-winning customer journey experience. Our stores are the heart of our business and showcase our premium products and expert eyecare services delivered by our GrandVision 'Visionistas' and 'Fashionistas.'


Visionistas include optometrists, opticians and other eyecare professionals who deliver services to customers such as eye tests, comprehensive eye exams, and selecting optical and eyecare products. Our Fashionistas advise customers about frame and sunglasses trends and offer personalized style advice.


We continue to standardize and improve our global store concepts for a more contemporary and friendlier customer journey, as well as a more positive impact on the environment. For example, LED lighting is a required GrandVision standardized store design specification, and each LED-equipped store uses about 39% less electricity from lighting, on average. More than 3,600 stores (about 58% of our own stores) are equipped with LED lighting, and our target is to equip every store by 2025.


You can read more about the environmental benefits from our LED lighting benefits in Our Stories.