Our manufacturing facilities

An effective, efficient and safe Product Value Chain delivers quality products to our customers quickly would not be possible without our chain of 17 Regional Fulfilment Hubs (RFH). These highly-automated centers are strategically located across the countries where we are present and put the finishing touch on every pair of frames.


Following our strategy to centralize more of our production volume in these RFHs, we better align with our long-term value creation objectives. In this way, we also support global social and environmental goals by working at production sites that are centrally regulated for worker safety and environmental protection.


Here are some of the benefits of the RFHs:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions per processed spectacle
  • Increased water and energy efficiency with highly sophisticated equipment
  • Increased manufacturing precision and reduced material scrap, which lowers waste volumes per spectacle
  • Increased activity control by dedicated staff


In 2019, we achieved to:

  • Surpass our 2025 target to reduce water consumption per spectacle to 1.87 liters and reduced it to 1.82 liters. This is more than a 15% reduction compared to the 2015 base year.
  • Continued reducing our CO2 efficiency rate per spectacle to meet our 2025 target of 205 grams, while currently we are at 267 grams


You can read more about environmental protection in our RFHs in our stories.