Our manufacturing sites

Our efficient and safe Product Value Chain delivers quality products to our customers with low lead times, thanks to our 17 manufacturing sites, which are made up of one Regional Fulfillment Hub (RFH) and 16 TechCenters.


These manufacturing centers are strategically located across the countries where we are present and produce a high-quality end product.


Our RFH network strategy centralizes our manufacturing activities and consolidates them across our global network. This contributes to streamlined operations, increased operational control, stronger support for online and offline sales, a reduced carbon footprint and more benefits.


Our strategy to further centralize our production volume in our RFHs ensures our long-term value creation objectives. We also support global social and environmental goals by working at production sites that are overseen for optimal worker safety and environmental benefits.


Our planned RFH network aims to:

  • Reduce our CO2 emissions per processed eyeglass frame
  • Increase water and energy efficiency with highly-sophisticated equipment
  • Increase manufacturing precision and reduced material scrap, which lowers waste volumes per frame
  • Increase activity control by experienced staff
  • Reduce occupied space significantly to save supply and management resources
  • Facilitate integrated e-fulfilment
  • Support our instore showroom model


You can read more about environmental protection in our RFHs in our stories.