Our sustainable eyewear evolution

Our Exclusive Brand team creates increased value for customers by developing more sustainable production practices and sourcing eco-friendly materials.


As part of our integrated CSR strategy, we chose to develop DbyD, one of our most popular Exclusive Brands among customers, into our main eco-friendly in-house brand. It also sets the foundation for further sustainable initiatives in our Exclusive Brand portfolio.


As of January 2021, 64% of our optical collection and 100% of our DbyD sunglass collection are made of sustainable materials. Our DbyD team developed related initiatives, including:


  • The launch of two DbyD product lines made from recycled waste across 15 markets. They were created in collaboration with Envision plastic and use ocean-bound plastics.
  • A partnership with Mazzucchelli to introduce optical and sunglass collections made with a 100% biodegradable and recyclable material. Products were available across 20 GrandVision markets.

Our goal is to transform DbyD into a 100% sustainability-driven brand by 2025.


Our Exclusive Brand contact lens team has been developing more sustainable choices for our customers. Some of their achievements in 2020 include the launch of our first contact lens recycling program in Denmark. Additionally, they partnered with our strategic suppliers to create iWear Slim, a more sustainable product line.