GrandVision Academy in Turkey

GrandVision’s Turkish business, Atasun, was one of the pioneers in our new learning approach, successfully launching the GV Academy framework in November 2016. So far, they have implemented the six-month GV Academy Bronze Module including an introduction to the company, our products and services, our customer journey and a final test and certification. The program is a combination of online learning complemented by classroom training. There are also six Atasun regional training leaders who execute on-the-job training directly in the stores. Last but not least, the optical retailer offers a management development program, preparing employees to be store managers.


Since its establishment in November 2016, the GV Academy in Turkey has already seen 120 Bronze Program graduates, while the expected number in 2017 is 300. In addition, Atasun will soon launch the GV Academy Silver Module (an 18-month program) with expected 75 attendees, and the GV Academy Store Management Program.