Environmental benefits through new technologies

In Europe, GrandVision operates four state-of-the-art TechCenters that create the benefits of consistent and high-quality products for our customers, as well as more reliable delivery times.


In line with our ambition to minimize our environmental footprint, our team in Germany optimized GrandVision’s TechCenter in Schwabach by applying new technologies to reduce its electricity and water usage, as well as switched to 100% green energy from sustainable hydro plants. As a result, the treatment plant has decreased its consumption by 600,000 kWh over the past few years.


For example, an optimization in the compressed air technology led to a substantial reduction in energy usage. While the installation of a centrifugal water treatment plant decreased water consumption by 150,000m³ per year. In addition, a new edging technology has been implemented, resulting in a considerable reduction in waste water. The latter achievement also means that fewer chemicals are now used to purify polluted water and return it to normal wastewater circuits.


Furthermore, the TechCenter is also recycling energy and reducing waste by feeding generated waste heat into the existing heating system. It also introduced a briquetting press to reduce the volume of lens milling waste. Now, the daily chipping quantity amounts to 120kg (approximately 35 tons per year), and the number of truckloads has reduced eightfold.


Last but not least, an electric shuttle car for daily machinery maintenance eliminates the use of gasoline.