Sustainable practices in our manufacturing facilities

An effective, efficient and safe Product Value Chain that delivers quality products to our customers quickly would not be possible without our chain of Regional Fulfilment Hubs (RFH).


These highly-automated manufacturing centers are strategically located across the countries where we are present and put the finishing touches on every pair of frames.


Following our strategy to centralize more of our production volume in these RFHs, we better align with our long-term value creation objectives and support global social and environmental goals.


Currently, our strategic Manufacturing and local RFH teams are working to improve:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Efficiency of heating and cooling systems
  • Electricity use
  • Water efficiency
  • Waste management and reduction


Some of the sustainable practices that have been already tested and implemented in some of our RFH network are the following:


  • Transporting products from production facilities to stores in reusable boxes
  • Using edging machines that cut lenses without water
  • Converting heat from compressors into warehouse heating during winter
  • Equipping machines that use water with water recycling systems
  • Partnering with a recycling company to create construction materials from lens cutting waste