Embedding Diversity & Inclusion into GrandVision’s core values

As GrandVision observed International Women’s Day on 8 March and World Optometry Day on 23 March, we reflected on the important role we play as an employer in the lives of our female workforce (representing 68% of all employees), the majority of whom are the first and most important point of contact for our customers across our store network (73% of GrandVision store employees and 61% of store managers are female).


GrandVision for all
While taking care of our workforce has always been a top priority, this year we want to focus even more on creating an inclusive workplace and to ensure GrandVision’s company culture allows all our employees to feel they can be themselves, thrive and discover their talents. It has been proven that diversity in leadership teams and in employee populations leads to more innovation and better decision making. For these reasons and more, we are in the process of creating a diverse bench of leadership talent, which entails providing our female leaders with fair access to career opportunities.


Therefore, we will take the necessary steps to further instil diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a core value across the entire GrandVision organization to help us be one of the best employers, be a great place to work and be even more successful as a company.


As one of these steps, we recently established our cross-functional, global D&I committee made up of employees of all backgrounds and experience levels to give life and perspective to our D&I program. They are ambassadors for D&I across the entire organization and act as the faces of the program, internally and externally. Together, they will facilitate dialog on the topic, improve related training programs and enhance D&I-focused communications, among other responsibilities.


“The mission of our People & Culture (P&C) team is do everything necessary to ensure that GrandVision is a responsible, equal-opportunity employer and a great place to work. We strongly believe that when we create fans out of employees through ‘WOW’ experiences in the moments that matter to them most as employees, they are empowered to convert more customers into fans,” says Andrea Hill, GrandVision Vice President HR.


Walking the talk
In 2021, we have an ambitious roadmap starting with the definition and launch of our global GrandVision Diversity and Inclusion blueprint that will be publicly available on our website, complementing our existing policies on Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination & Equality. In addition, we will embed D&I into all of our P&C policies and practices and distribute a D&I toolkit to all of our operating companies. This will stimulate and support the implementation of D&I best practices across all of our local operations under a global framework.


We will also implement a global gender diversity (female leadership) action plan throughout the organization.


As part of our D&I activities, we took part in the 2020-2021 SDG Challenge, an event that connects and mobilizes Dutch university students and organizations to work together on the UN SDGs. This was an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to improving diversity through the ranks of our employees with a focus on female leadership in higher ranking roles in our retail brands and operating companies. Our group of student “consultants” shared a bottom-up approach to engage and spotlight future female leaders across the organization in our 30+ countries and 40+ retail brands.


“Fostering a culture of inclusion and improving diversity across our organization is not only a top priority in our P&C strategy, it is also a main point in our integrated CSR Strategy. Cross-departmental collaboration is crucial in achieving this common goal, and for this reason our CSR and P&C teams have teamed up to bring this ambition to life. By leveraging the strength of our global CSR community and our P&C People’s Leaders community, we are confident we will have the right people in place to spark a movement that will go above and beyond to achieve this goal,” shares Darina Elencheva, GrandVision Head of CSR.


To learn more about D&I at GrandVision, check out our Annual Report.