Meet the faces of GrandVision’s CSR Ambassador Community: Spain

Angie Cardenás

Supply Planning Manager

GrandVision Spain


What motivated you to join the GrandVision CSR Ambassador community?

When we started working at GrandVision, we identified a lack of direction for recycling and waste management in the offices, our stores and in the company's general operations. At the same time, we became aware of the abundance of plastic generated by our industry. Now that GrandVision Spain has joined GrandVision’s CSR Ambassador Community, we have identified clearer procedures to manage this waste. As a result, we have a better idea of how we can work together to create a more sustainable business model for a world that needs our help.


We share a genuine concern about the environment and we strive to contribute to a better world. What better opportunity to achieve this than to be active members of a global CSR community that shares our values? Being a part of this community taught us how to prioritize the three pillars of GrandVision’s CSR strategy: Our People, Our Product Value Chain and Our Presence.


What facets of CSR are currently highest priority for GrandVision Spain?

Our main priority is to consolidate CSR in GrandVision Spain. Up until now, we have only worked on isolated projects proposed by the Head of CSR at GrandVision’s headquarters. However, we are now establishing a local annual CSR roadmap, and we are already working hard to meet its objectives and introduce new ones.


What CSR initiatives at GrandVision Spain are you most proud of?

We were extremely pleased with the results of our initiative to foster more inclusion in the workplace—we have received positive employee feedback that revealed its impact. It brings us pride to know that so many of our colleagues at GrandVision Spain share an interest in diversity and inclusion and to see people’s active engagement with this topic.


What is your hope for the future of GrandVision?

We want to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic in our products’ packaging. Ultimately, our dream is to become CSR pioneers in Spain’s optical industry and to position GrandVision Spain as the largest “green” company in our sector here.


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