Meet the faces of GrandVision's CSR Ambassador Community: Argentina

Adriana Laborda
People & Culture Manager
+Vision Argentina


What motivated you to join the GrandVision CSR Ambassador community?

The world needs dreamers, and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” I love this quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach and I have always considered myself a “doer.”

Joining the GrandVision CSR Ambassador Community gave me a purpose to come up with solutions concerning eyecare issues. As a CSR Ambassador, I work on resolving important issues like: 

  • How many children cannot learn to read or become athletes because they have no access to eyecare or information about eye health?
  • Is it fair that some elderly people do not have access to quality eye wear?
  • Are sunglasses mere fashion accessories or do they serve a visual protection function?


What facets of CSR are currently highest priority for +Vision Argentina?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are important values at +Vision. For this reason, we have been adding more elements of inclusion to our recruitment process and store experience. Job applicants of all abilities, ages and genders are assessed uniformly. In addition, we have implemented inclusive technology in our stores to ensure ease of communication between our employees and customers with communication difficulties.

We also have a donation program called “One to One,” in which all employees are encouraged to donate a pair of glasses to a person in need in their communities. Knowing the person who you are helping has made a far-reaching impact among my +Vision colleagues and their circles.


What CSR initiatives at +Vision are you most proud of?

It would not be fair to choose just one. However, my greatest pride comes from my colleagues’ full commitment to each one of our initiatives. We have led a variety of initiatives including campaigning for children who have never had a professional eye test in their lives and increasing our employees’ access to environmentally-friendly bicycle transportation. I am very proud of the people who join me in inspiring values ​​of D&I, better quality of life, and who fight against illiteracy and for eyecare for all.


What is your hope for the future of GrandVision?

Nowadays, the overexposure of people to digital screens in a hyper-connected society results in detrimental eye health conditions such as digital eye strain, myopia and dry eye syndrome. I dream of the establishment of a more charitable arm of GrandVision that would provide an extraordinary service for people to prevent harmful effects from these eye health issues. The idea is to improve accessibility to quality visual health education, glasses and medical eyecare, which should be rights rather than privileges. We all deserve to see how wonderful the world we live in is.


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