Our CSR Ambassador Community and its impact on GrandVision

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a department—it’s a shared mindset! And our CSR Ambassadors are the engine that pushes our global Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility strategy full steam ahead. Together, they make up our CSR Ambassador community, which we launched in summer 2019. CSR Ambassadors are present—and active—in all 30+ operating companies worldwide, as well as in our global company’s global headquarters.

How has our CSR Ambassador community supported GrandVision’s global CSR strategy since its launch? Read on to find out.


Transparent and responsible operations
From design, manufacturing and distribution to end-of-product lifecycle, we strive to deliver an efficient, effective, fair and transparent process. Our teams in Product Value Chain are dedicated to make continuous improvement on social and environmental topics through:


Raising awareness
Uncorrected vision is a condition that affects about 2.2 billion people worldwide (source: WHO), yet many people remain unaware of the repercussions of poor vision or the fact that they can do something about it. And for nearly 1 billion people living in underdeveloped countries, eye care is not available or not possible to afford.


Our global CSR Ambassador community works to address these issues effectively and influence positive change across geographies. Through regular actions and communications of the crucial roles good eye health and regular eye care play in our lives, we increase awareness in communities where we are present, and beyond.