Reporting benchmarks

Every year, our sustainability performance is benchmarked by various rating agencies. We believe benchmarking is a good way to improve sector-wide performance and therefore actively participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the Dutch Transparency Benchmark, the VBDO Tax Transparency benchmark, Sustainalytics and FTSE4GOOD. The table below is an overview of benchmarks we have participated in over recent years along with our scores, rankings and progress.


In July 2019, we refinanced our Revolving Credit Facility and we added a sustainability feature to it, whereby the margins are linked to our sustainability ranking by Sustainalytics.


Rating agency 2016 2017 2018 2019
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) N/A Rank: n/a
Score: C-
Rank: 30/89 (in NL)
Score: C
Rank: 25/77 (in NL)
Score: B

Transparency Benchmark (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Rank: 161/500
Points: 76/200
Rank: 84/500
Score: 147/200

Rank: 52/487

Score: 59.2/100

Tax Transparency Benchmark (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development, or VBDO)

Rank: 41/68
Points: 11/39
Rank: 35/76
Score: 14/37
Rank: 17-21/76
Score: 17/35

Rank: 21-25

Score: 20/35

Sustainalytics N/A Rank: N/A
Score: 60/80
Rank: 6/139
Score: 74/80

Rank: 6/131

Score: 75/100

FTSE4Good N/A N/A Rank: 83%
Score: 3.8/5

Rank: 72%

Score: 3.4/5