By creating high-quality emploment opportunities

GrandVision’s contribution to sustainable economic growth in local markets is further strengthened by the high-quality employment opportunities we create within our organization and our supply chain. We believe that offering professional training and fair pay are important mechanisms for alleviating poverty and boosting personal and professional development.


With our growing international presence, our average number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) reached 32,400 – which is around 2% more than in 2017. In total, we currently provide employment to more than 37,000 people of which 77% are in Europe (G4 and Other Europe Segments). Of all GrandVision's employees (total headcount), 88% has a permanent contract, while 12% is contracted temporarily.



The high level of qualification of our store employees and the high demand for qualified opticians and other vision experts in most markets is generally reflected in the level of salaries and wages we pay. We aim to pay fair wages through which we directly improve the livelihoods of our workforce and indirectly create a positive impact on economic development. In 2018, we paid a total of €920 million in wages and salaries to our employees. This is an increase of around 11% compared to 2017 and is accounted for by our growth in headcount and our need to compete for the best talent.


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