By creating high-quality products

The safety of our eye wear products is a number one priority. Spectacles and contact lenses are medical devices, and as such, their quality and safety are strictly regulated. Nevertheless, GrandVision does more to ensure product safety.


GrandVision performs product tests to applicable ISO standards in internationally certified laboratories. These tests help to confirm that its products are safe and effective, as prescribed by applicable regulations. Our Quality & Regulatory division regularly engages with suppliers in order to continuously improve their processes related to product safety. Furthermore, GV Quality & Regulatory is a member of the ISO standards committees for eye wear products and recently joined regulatory medical device forums to play an active role in shaping future safety and effectiveness standards in eye wear products.


In 2018, GrandVision concentrated on increasing first-time pass pre-market lab tests, improving performance by 25% compared to last year. Additionally, by means of supplier engagement and trainings we have improved the success rate of our product inspections in factories by 67%, resulting in fewer failed products and less waste, among other benefits.


In 2019, our main focus in product safety will be to align our processes and products with new EU regulatory requirements (2017/745) for medical devices. Our ambition is to also implement these in our non-EU countries. Furthermore, we have launched a new complaint-handling process that will help us improve our products, design, production and validation processes.