By enabling employees to develop professionally

Our HR strategy is designed to attract and nurture passion for eye care and foster professional growth. We continuously invest in the expertise and capabilities of our people, and make every effort to ensure they can meet the individual eye care needs of our customers. To this end, almost half a million hours of training were delivered across the GrandVision network worldwide during 2016.


The GrandVision Academy

GrandVision Academy (GV Academy) is our international center of excellence for continuous learning and development for all employees. It ensures that we can deliver learning and development programs in a consistent and effective manner.


In 2016, the GV Academy further expanded a common training framework for all commercial and retail staff, including retail, optical and sunglasses expertise, and a specific curriculum for Store Management. The new framework was successfully introduced in many countries across Europe and Latin America and will be implemented in all other GrandVision countries in 2017. [Learn more about GV Academy in Turkey.] 


Introducing a common training framework allows us to measure the total training hours of all our employees. In 2016, over 480,000 hours were devoted to professional training, including approximately 325,000 training hours for store staff.



Promoting international careers

We recognize the benefits of international mobility among our employees. Short and long-term assignments across our network help to exchange best practices between operating units, expanding the GrandVision culture and at the same time training and preparing our future leaders in multicultural environments. Our global mobility policy is benchmarked against international best practices and comprises three main types of moves:


  • Global long-term assignments lasting between 3-5 years, mainly used for career development, green field operations or to backfill key positions
  • Short-term assignments lasting 3 to 12 months on a project basis
  • Local hires are people hired from abroad and those who are permanently transferred to another country
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