By enabling employees to develop professionally

Our passion to provide customers with the best possible service and quality in eye care is enabled by the excellence of our people.


Our HR strategy is designed to attract and nurture a passion for eye care and foster professional growth. We continuously invest in developing the expertise and capabilities of our people so they can fulfil their true potential and pursue a rewarding career. Employee satisfaction is equally important to us as customer satisfaction, and as such, is continuously measured and improved.This approach distinguishes us every day, across our stores, our TechCenters and our retail support functions.



The GrandVision Academy


GrandVision Academy (GV Academy) is our international center of excellence for continuous learning and development for all employees. Its framework applies a blended learning approach comprising e-learning, classroom lessons and on-the-job training. In addition, an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates the sharing of best practices and adapts content to local needs and circumstances. Although varied according to specific requirements, the content targets all commercial and retail staff and includes training on retail, optical, sunglass and contact lenses expertise, customer journey, and a specific curriculum on store management.The learning modules are continuously updated based on customer behavior, new store concepts, market trends and product development.


GV Academy's training programs are concentrated around three main topics:


  • Strategic, e.g. digital empowerment
  • Local business needs
  • Global business needs, e.g. leadership development


2018: training in hours

The total training hours dedicated to our employees and their split by function is a reflection of the strategic and local/global needs of the business. We provided over 546,070 hours of training in 2018, which is 8% more than in 2017.


Global learning concept

As of today, the GV Academy has been successfully implemented in almost all 40+ GrandVision countries, based on their respective requirements. We have been able to scale up this concept while maintaining the high quality of the program due to its standardized set-up. To increase online and international connectedness, we have set up an international collaboration tool enabling users to quickly onboard to the system, learn about its features and connect easily with colleagues around the world.

In 2018, we distributed e-learning packages and classroom training materials to all GrandVision countries so they can choose the best training option based on their local needs. We also successfully rolled out the Silver module, which is the next step after Bronze certification.


Digitally empowering our employees

Our goal for 2019 is to digitally empower our store staff by providing them with a GV Academy mobile learning application, thus giving more learning flexibility. A minimum viable product (MVP) pilot will take place in selected countries at the start of 2019.




Promoting international careers


As a global company, we recognize the benefits of international mobility among employees. Our global mobility policy is targeted at exchanging best practices between operating units, expanding GrandVision's culture and at the same time training and preparing our future leaders.


The GrandVision mobility policy is constantly benchmarked against international best practices and consists of three main types of moves:


  • Long-term assignments, typically between 3 to 5 years, mainly used for career development, green field operations or to backfill key positions
  • Short-term assignments, that usually last 3 to 12 months on a project basis
  • Hiring of people from abroad that permanently transfer to another country


In 2018, we had around 30 permanent hires of people from abroad and 10 employees on short or long-term assignments.


For 2019, we plan to facilitate the mutual exchange of operational experience between our operating companies and our head office at Schiphol, the Netherlands. Employees from our central office, will be sent on short assignments, increasing their understanding of local contexts in order to ensure more effective and efficient collaboration, while personnel from operating companies will move to the head office. We also plan to combine our internal talent management processes with our global mobility practice to secure the future of our international company through our talent.


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