Through our Citizenship and Community Involvement initiatives

To ensure that an increasing number of people around the world have access to the eye care and vision correction they need, we look beyond our core retail activities and encourage our customers and employees to participate in the charitable initiatives we support. Read more in our 2016 CSR Report.


Corporate Citizenship initiative: provide access to products and service

The World Health Organization estimates that 90% of people with eyesight problems worldwide live in developing countries and are often unable to afford glasses or eye exams. In these cases, a pair of glasses with the right prescription can have life-changing consequences. Through our Corporate Citizenship programs, we aim to improve the quality of life of people in poorer or impoverished regions. In recent years, our local banners have undertaken many initiatives to grant access to optical products and services to people in need and to enhance eye health awareness.

Given the success of these initiatives, we continue to work on community programs that take place on a local level, increasing access to education, social participation, economic development and welfare. [See case study: Bringing eye care to disadvantaged communities.]


Community Involvement initiative: enhance eye care awareness

GrandVision’s Community Involvement initiatives are aimed at increasing eye care awareness in the markets in which we are active. To this end, our local banners participate in regional or national health and safety campaigns. [See case study: Raising awareness of eye health among German drivers.]




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