By being a responsible employer

We believe the quality of our eye care is enabled by the excellence of our people. GrandVision is committed to maintaining responsible working conditions for all employees and creating high levels of employee engagement and alignment.


Managing for excellence


To give our people the ability to excel in their work, we are committed to investing in their capabilities and expertise. We focus on employee engagement and continue to organize the governance and quality of our global HR approach to ensure it is implemented and monitored across all our countries and retail banners.


Our global HR agenda is determined based on our local needs, combined with what we need to achieve our future goals. It is strengthened by a set of global policies and procedures and is designed to contribute to our overall business performance in line with our strategy.


At the same time, our local HR leaders share knowledge and best practices to further develop and generate efficiencies across the organization. Their team members participate in global HR projects touching important topics such as the need for recruiting and upskilling digital talent, employer branding and onboarding.

The performance of our HR agenda is measured and monitored by a set of global KPIs on a quarterly basis. These KPIs provide accurate information on the factors that drive and motivate our people and enable us to develop more effective responses to our evolving requirements in areas such as productivity, retention, recruitment, vacancies, sick leave, and engagement levels.


In 2018, we started working on rebranding our HR community into a “People & Culture” team, to reflect our ambitions to move from a recruitment and administration-focused HR role, towards one in which HR is a partner to the business to support the implementation and success of the company’s overall strategy.



Employee engagement and satisfaction


Employee satisfaction is equally important to us as customer satisfaction, and as such, we continuously measure it and look to improve it. This approach distinguishes us every day, across our stores, our TechCenters and our retail support functions.


Our local businesses have long used employee surveys to track employee satisfaction. Recently, we began applying a consistent employee engagement approach with aligned methodologies across all countries. Through this harmonized format we are better able to gather valuable information about levels of engagement, our people’s understanding of the company’s plans and objectives, and the effectiveness of their managers. Each local organization, including the GV Headquarters at Schiphol, is acting effectively on the outcome of the surveys and is constantly looking for ways to increase results. In 2018 we consistently measured our employee-NPS (eNPS) across all countries on a quarterly basis, using the outcome as a ‘temperature check’ of employee happiness.


In each country, as well as at GrandVision HQ, action plans and measurements are taken each time in order to continuing learning and improving. Examples of specific actions taken in 2018 are the development of:


  • Tools and initiatives to improve the dialogue between employees and management; as well the dialogue across different functions
  • Leadership training programs




Equal opportunity


As a responsible employer of a very diverse workforce and active across a wide range of communities, we strongly believe in equal opportunity for and diversity among our employees. We recognize that each individual is unique, and acknowledge all differences, which may include ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, family status, religious beliefs, perspective, experience or different ideologies.


We have therefore established principles of inclusion and diversity in the GrandVision Anti-discrimination and Equality Policy. By fostering a culture of respect and openness, we aim to create and maintain a working environment in which employees feel safe to communicate openly and respect one another’s perspectives while preserving a flexible work-life balance. We strive to make our work space free of discrimination, harassment and victimization on the basis of:


  • Gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment
  • Race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin
  • Hours of work
  • Religious or political beliefs
  • Disability
  • Age


These principles trickle down into all our people-related operations, such as training and development, employee retention and succession planning. We also support the right of all our employees to form and join trade unions and other organizations of their choice, and to bargain collectively in support of their mutual interest. Currently, 44% of our employees around the world (headcount) are covered by (local) collective bargaining agreements.


Supporting diversity at GrandVision

We see diversity as an integral part of how we do business that is crucial to our commercial success as it also reflects the diversity of our customers. Therefore, we are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion that reflects the communities we operate in. This starts from the moment we select a candidate through a fair recruitment process based on objective criteria. Furthermore, our internal remuneration systems are based entirely on the requirements of each position and the professional background and skills of every candidate, regardless of gender, race or social background.


Furthermore, by paying special attention to diversity in all our operations, we aim to build a work environment that encourages:


  • Respectful communication and cooperation between employees
  • Teamwork and employee participation among all groups and employee perspectives
  • Work/life balance through flexible work schedules to accommodate employees’ varying needs
  • Employer and employee contributions to the communities in which we serve to promote a greater understanding and respect for diversity


Gender diversity at GrandVision

In terms of gender diversity, 69% of all GrandVision full-time employees are women. The share of women between all GrandVision segments varies between 60+ and 77%, with the highest participation seen in Other Europe. Our workforce in the Americas & Asia segment is more equally balanced, as women represent 62% of the total. In the senior leadership team of about 143 people, women represent around 30% of the workforce.


Diversity on Board Level

To reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work, as well as the diversity of our entire workforce, GrandVision has implemented a diversity policy for the Management Board and Supervisory Board. It takes into consideration the differences between people in the organization and acknowledges the importance, acceptance and respect of differences between individuals.


The Supervisory Board’s aim is to reflect a diversity of age, gender, nationality, education and work experience. The statutory objective for a balanced governance composition is a minimum of 30% male and female representatives. This objective is currently not met by GrandVision.


In the long term, the Supervisory Board's aim is to ensure that its composition and that of the Management Board is a fair and balanced representation of the company's entire staff and its customer base.



Ethics and good conduct


A respectful working environment creates a culture focused on long-term value creation for the company and its affiliated enterprises. All our employees believe in and apply our core values – integrity, openness and a strong focus on customer service and store performance. We believe these are key ingredients for our success. It is important that we share a common understanding and a set of guidelines to help reinforce and uphold our values. For this purpose, GrandVision has put compliance programs and procedures in place.


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