By sourcing our suppliers responsibly

As a trustworthy partner, we are committed to ensuring we deal with suppliers who also recognize their responsibility to their employees and the communities they affect. We examine our entire value chain for opportunities to foster economic stability and are committed to business practices that do not infringe on human rights and are aligned to the various international standards for responsible business conduct, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


Ethical business conduct


We use GrandVision’s Supplier Code of Conduct to clearly communicate our expectations and assess supplier performance through a variety of measures. We also look to work with suppliers to reduce any negative impacts on people and society. The policy includes mandatory requirements on the observation of human and labor rights in business relationships with GrandVision, as set out in our Code of Conduct.


Centralizing local supplier contracts


We have continued to work on managing the number of our suppliers, and in 2018 we partnered with 47 strategic suppliers, of which 24 are from OECD countries and 23 are from non-OECD countries. In 2018, the number of our strategic suppliers from non-OECD countries increased significantly, from 16 to 23, due to the fact that we have contracted also second-tier suppliers. Partnering with strategic suppliers enables us to manage the procurement of services and products centrally and with standardized GrandVision Supply Chain (GVSC) contracts, including our Supplier Code of Conduct.


Auditing strategic suppliers


The majority of our Exclusive Brand frames are produced in non-OECD countries, where potential risks are considered to be higher than for suppliers from OECD countries. By third-party certification, including audits, we enforce responsible operations from our strategic suppliers. We expect that our suppliers have certain quality management system in place, including ISO certifications and a product recall procedure. We also expect them to operate within requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct.


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