Focus area 4: Minimizing our environmental footprint

GrandVision is aware of the environmental impact we have along our value chain, and we make efforts to minimize our environmental footprint through our suppliers, production centers, logistics and stores. We undertake activities in such a way as to seek a balance between economic initiatives and environmental needs, respecting the requirements of the law and applicable regulations.

To balance economic initiatives with environmental needs and fully respect the requirements of the law and applicable regulations, GrandVision cooperates as much as possible with authorities that carry out environmental reviews and monitor our suppliers.

By moving edging and fitting processes from stores to industrialized facilities such as our TechCentres, GrandVision is able to better control its environmental footprint.

As a global retailer with over 7,000 stores worldwide, we understand that a large part of our environmental impact comes from the electricity we use in our stores. 

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