By managing our store utilities efficiently

As a global retailer with over 6,500 stores worldwide, we understand that a large part of our environmental impact comes from the electricity we use to light our stores. 


By 2016, we equipped 25% of our stores with LED lighting in order to reduce their electricity usage. In Latin America, 42% of our stores are fitted with LED lighting. Our goal is to fit all stores with LED lighting by 2025. We are also exploring ways to measure the power usage of our store network.


A standardized GrandVision store concept is being deployed internationally. This standardized store design and technical specifications include guidelines for efficient technical installations, such as LED lighting and efficient air conditioning systems, as well as a more optimized store layout, leading to reduced floor space. Currently, over 10% of our worldwide store portfolio follows this concept.


Standardized store concept roll out in Germany

In Germany, 165 out of a total 815 Apollo stores have been adapted to GrandVision’s standardized store concept. The transformed stores have saved 22.000 kWh of electricity per store per year. In addition, all stores in Germany have switched to green energy since the start of 2016, thus reducing their CO2 emissions.



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