By managing our store utilities efficiently

As a global retailer with over 7,000 stores worldwide, we understand that a large part of our environmental impact comes from the electricity we use in our stores.


In order to manage our store utilities efficiently, we deploy a standardized GrandVision store concept. These standardized store design and technical specifications include guidelines for efficient technical installations, such as LED lighting and efficient air conditioning systems, as well as a more optimized store layout, leading to up to an average of 15 m2 of floor space reduction per store. Currently, only around 20% of our worldwide store portfolio strictly follows this concept. Last but not least, ethical business conduct is important to GrandVision, therefore all our central furniture suppliers sign GrandVision’s Supplier Code of Conduct.


To reduce electricity usage, almost 40% of our stores are equipped with LED lighting, an increase of over 1,000 stores compared to 2016. This is in line with our goal to refit all stores with LED lighting by 2025. In Latin America, almost 60% of our stores are fitted with LED lighting compared to 42% in 2016. Denmark and Spain are GrandVision’s global leaders of LED refitted stores with a respective 97% and 85% of their stores equipped with LED lighting. To further reduce our CO2 emissions, we are exploring ways to measure and monitor the power usage of our store network.



GrandVision Germany and Italy accelerate LED lighting refitting

In 2014, GrandVision acquired the Italian optical chains Avanzi and Optissimo. Both chains underwent a major rebranding project that unified the brands under GrandVision Italy. The rebranding rollout included a refurbishment of the store network, with a focus on more efficient use of space and energy. In 2017, the number of Italian stores refitted with LED lighting increased almost fivefold, from 40 to 189, pushing the estimated annual energy savings amount to 3.5 GWh. Whereas in Germany, LED-fitted stores continued to grow from 165 to 241, resulting in 1.7 GWh energy saved.




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