Our CSR Ambition

We operate in a world driven by constantly changing trends, and therefore we continuously innovate and adapt our business model and develop eye care products and services that meet the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we have always acknowledged the responsibility we have towards economic development, improving the quality of life of our customers and employees, and creating value in the communities in which we are present. Many CSR activities are therefore core part of our business strategy and our daily operations.


A collaborative and constructive approach to our value chain partners is therefore an essential ingredient in this process, as is the ongoing alignment of our business, CSR ambitions and strategies to meet our stakeholders’ needs and continue creating value.


Our CSR Ambition is rooted in our promise that in EYE CARE, WE CARE MORE.


It is based on an internal assessment of our value chain and an analysis of the external factors that influence our business, such as the needs of our customers and stakeholders and local legislation. As we deliver our products and services, we take our responsibility to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner. We therefore maintain a dialogue with our stakeholders and look to take all social and environmental impacts into consideration.


To enhance our awareness of the world around us and our impact on it, and to narrow down the focus of our reporting, each year we update our materiality analysis. This presents the most relevant topics to our stakeholders that GrandVision has an impact on.


Our CSR ambition addresses four focus areas: