Our Value Creation Model

To understand the ways in which we impact society, we have used the six capitals model of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) to identify the value we create in our value chain for our stakeholders and society. Our Value Creation Model reflects the insights gained from this assessment. We begin with our operating environment and by defining the type of assets, or the different types of capital, required for our core activities. By following our strategy and ensuring responsible operations, our business model transforms these assets – such as the skills and knowledge of our people, our physical store network, our Exclusive Brand products, our strong retail brands and GrandVision brand identity, and others.
This transformation leads to a positive business’ performance (output), and an improvement of the lives of customers, employees and the supply chain. With these business outcomes we create longterm value for society, and contribute to realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Our 2017 Annual Report describes our business model and strategy in more detail, and further explains how we transform capitals into business performance. While our CSR Report shows how we perform against our CSR objectives, ambitions and focus areas, and in what way this relates to the creation of value in our value chain, our impact on society and our contribution to the SDGs.


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